Club Meeting with ASME
People Talking at Club Meeting
Playing Fruit Ninja at Club Meeting
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We are
The Baylor VR Club does four things...
Host meetings that allow for all newcomers and members to experience the joys of VR
Participate in CVRE, the most dominant collegiate VR eSports league
Make custom VR experiences for world renowed projects and for the Oculus Start Program
Stream events and our weekly Thursday Night VR stream
The Baylor VR Club development team is a team focussed on creating high quality virtual reality experiences. The team is currently working directly with the Baylor Library System as well as Oculus (through the Oculus Start program) to create a VR museum exhibit showcasing the library’s collection of Black Gospel music. We plan to move on to creating a game after our current project’s completion. The development team is open to all who are interested. We are all learning together and are happy to help any aspiring VR developers.
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The Baylor VR Club is a part of CVRE: an intercollegiate VR esports league. We compete against schools such as Texas A&M, UC Berkeley, and more. We are currently planning on playing games such as Smashbox Arena, Echo Arena and Onward.
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The Baylor VR Club streams once a week during the school year. These comentated streams feature club members who are interested in streaming. We are in contact with LIV who will be sending us a LIV Cube for mixed reality streaming in Fall 2018.
Special Thanks to these companies that have made this club possible!
Developers Who Have Sponsored Events
Developers Who Have Donated Games